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Welcome to my fashion website! Thanks for dropping by, I hope you will enjoy your stay.

I first want to talk to you about an amazing event that happened this month which was African fashion week in London (that's where I'm from!!) I went there with some friends and we were really amazed, and for those of you who don't know about it yet, we decided to make this little website where we could all share our thoughts and impressions.


African fashion week is an event which is held every year and the point of this amazing festical of shapes and colors is to display and highlight the talent that is emanating from the African continent and it's historical interactions with the international scene. That's what makes it in my opinion the most exciting event in fashion because as we are about to see, it really distinguishes itself and breaks all the rules while showing real signs of potential to hold a place down in the international fashion industry.

There were shows from a lot of great designers, such as the notorious Ferona, as well as more emerging acts. Africa Fashion Week London's website displays all the photos for the ones who are really too late on the visuals!

It was really amazing to partake in this massive and evolving fashion event, which is becoming a major show on the international scene. A few of my favorites where Adopted culture and Tumisola Ladega who used some really beautiful and smart wax prints and also Ferona who was more evening dress and swiss voile lace style.

If you haven't had the opportunity to drop by there yet, I really recommend you go, you will definitely not regret it. I really look forward to next year's edition which I'll definitely not be missing, and its time for me to get back to work but I'll be updating the site before next year's update, so stay tuned and feel free to drop comments.
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa

​It's happening right now people, in South Africa, Mercedes Benz African Fashion week is bringing together the most creative and flamboyant minds of designers along with the biggest brands in the business. Here you'll find a few awesome photos from some of the top collections including David Tlale with Vlisco, my personal fave!! I love how they used the same prints and just reshaped and remodeled loads of different outfits to offer different styles, always sharp, really lovely.
Check out those amazing prints! I love that turquoise one especially with the matching headwrap, its so beautiful! I really love the white shirt also, so simple and clean. The All Pink dress pants is really beautiul also with little ribbon details at the collar and shoulders, and long slim aspect. The two in the middle are again from the same fabric and really royal, rich red and gold, beige, its really those colors which cannot fail! Beautiful prints from Vlisco, well done guys!

Meanwhile in Tanzania, Miss Universe is crowned! ​​What a beauty, congratulations to her and to the Eastern African country of Tanzania! Check out all the other African contestants for more beauties right here.
This here is a collection from Laurence Airline and Missibaba, one of my second favorites. Smart, elegants, it was entitled Snakes & Chelonians and really kills it for menswear in my humble and modest opinion!